Types of Inspections Offered

I offer a variety of Home Inspection options. The Client may alter the Home Inspection options and these alterations would be described in the Home Inspection Agreement before the inspection begins which may affect the price of the home inspection.

Basic Home Inspection. This inspection is for the buyer or the seller and follows the NACHI SOP  and does not include Spas, Hot Tubs, Saunas or Swimming Pools.

Re-Inspection. This is used when the client wishes to have items that were noted in the report that were to have been repaired to insure repairs have been completed.

4-Point Home Inspection. This inspection is utilized by Investors, Banks, Insurance companies or those looking for a Less Costly Home Inspection. This Home inspection covers the visual inspection of the 4 Major systems of the home, Electrical, Roof, Plumbing and the Heating and Cooling System. You will receive a detailed report with pictures of the inspected items.

Draw Inspection. This inspection is used during the construction process to inspect progress during construction so the lender can release funds when requested.

Builders Warranty Inspection. This inspection is used by the home owner to document and verify the condition of the home prior to the warranty expiration.

Multi Family Inspection. This inspection is used for up to 4 family units, above 4 family would be considered a commercial inspection.

Manufactured Housing Engineering Certificate Inspection. This inspection is used by lenders needing a permanent foundation inspection and is available for both manufactured homes and stick built homes. I perform the inspection and the Engineering Certificate is provided from Hayman Engineering Services.

Commercial Building Inspections. I follow theNACHI Commercial SOP. The commercial inspections can be either Extensive or Simple depending on the expectations of the client. The client has control of what they want to be inspected. This would be agreed upon between the Client and the Inspector and spelled out in the

Commercial Inspection Agreement




Infrared Inspections offered but not limited to;
Energy Auditing, Commercial and Residential
Electrical Systems
Mechanical Systems
Block Wall Insulations
Flat Roof
Steam Trap
Moisture Intrusion