Last month Google has introduced EFT ( Electronic Fund Transfer ) payment option for Adsense publishers in India. Since the program is still in beta mode, there are so many confusions and queries about this. This post contains FAQ's and there answer's based on my experience with the new EFT payment system. I am not planning to include basic questions in this post. Please see Adsense official FAQ's for basic understanding on EFT payments.

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How to set up the EFT payment system ?

  • Click on the gear icon in the top right side of Adsense account home page.
  • Select Payments ->Payment settings
  • Select Add New Form of Payment and fill your bank account details

How to fill the account details ?

  • Account Holder Name : Enter your name as given in your bank passbook.
  • Bank Name : Enter the full name of the bank. For example if your bank is SBI , write it as State Bank of India.
  • IFSC Code : This is a unique code for identifying a bank - branch in India. Every branch will have their own IFSC Code. There are several website where you can find the IFSC Codes of banks. But before proceeding please verify it with your Bank officials or Banks's official website.
  • SWIFT - BIC Code : This is a code that identifies a bank-branch which is equipped to handle international payments through wire transfer. You can find the SWIFT Code in the official website of your bank. Sometimes you may not find the SWIFT-BIC Code of your branch in the bank website. In that case contact your branch for the SWIFT Code of the Central branch through which wire transfers to your branch is done.
  • Account Number : Enter your bank account number as given in your passbook. Be careful while entering this. 
  • Intermediary bank details (optional) : Contact your branch for this information. From my experience i think you don't have to enter this, at least for SBI.

How much time would it take for receiving payments via wire transfer ?

I got my payment within 2 days from the date of issue. This time period may vary for different users. Anyway it would be less than the Adsense check arrival time ;-)

How much money will be deducted as service charges ?

For SBI it was around Rs .50. This may not be same for you. It will depend on your bank and the amount.

How much is the exchange rate ?

Exchange rate may be different for different banks. It was around Rs. 61 per USD for SBI.


I am extremely satisfied with the new EFT payment system. I got my payment within 2 days from the date of issue, instead of a long 30 days in the case of standard check delivery. Thank You Google !


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