Google Adsense is one of the best ways to make money online. All you need is to build a blog and monetize it. This was my thoughts when I started blogging. Definitely Google Adsense is one of the best ways to make money online, But it is not easy for a newbie blogger to earn a fair amount via Adsense. I was using Adsense for the past one year and only recently I got my first check. I have committed so many mistakes which resulted in lesser earnings. Today I am going to share my experience with Adsense for the past one year and some tips that improved my earnings.

Tips to improve Adsense earnings

I have read so many articles about improving Adsense earning. But the biggest mistake i did was ignoring some simple tips that i found in many articles. So please follow these tips even if you find some of them unimportant. These simple tips can really make a huge difference in your earnings.

Content is the King

Unique and high quality content will definitely improve the blog traffic and hence your earnings. You can't earn a fair amount by writing something and putting ads around it. Blog traffic matters a lot.

Ad Placement Guidelines

Positioning of ads is another important matter. Avoid putting all the ad units in side bars or headers. Put main ads inside your blog post and remaining in the sidebars. Go through the Ad Position Heat Maps published by Google to get good results. Ads placed above the fold will earn better. Try this Above the Fold App from Google to make sure that your main ad units are appearing above the fold.

Blending Ads with your Template

Blending ad units with your template will improve your earnings. This does not mean formatting ads to mimic ads or misleading the users to click on ads. These are against Adsense program policies and your account may get banned. So please go through Ad Placement Policies before implementing these tips.
  • Avoid borders on ads
  • Avoid putting ads under widget titles like " Sponsored Ads "
  • Use font size and colors effectively to style the ad units.

Use Link units Effectively

Three link units per page can be placed in addition to the existing three standard AdSense ad units on a page. When users click on one of these links, they're brought to a page of Google ads related to that topic. Though you won't receive earnings for clicks on these links, you'll be paid for user clicks on any of the ads on the resulting page.

Ad Size Matters

Use recommended ad sizes. This is really important. I would prefer 336 x 280 Large Rectangle than other sizes.

Do Keyword Research

Do a good keyword research before deciding your post title. Even the word order is important in Google search. [ See Related Post How to Search Faster in Google ]. Use Google AdWords keyword Tool to find high paying keywords. You can also see the previous search trends for a particular keyword using this tool. This will help you to improve your blog traffic. 

Occasional research

Do research with different Ad units and Ad styling. Try different ad positions and analyse the earnings occasionally. 

All you need is Hard work and a Little Patience !

You might have heard of big bloggers who are making huge amount of money every month. Inspiration from their stories is good :-) But please understand that they didn't start earning this amount right from the next day they monetized their blogs. They might have taken years to prove their blog's reputation and hence their huge earnings. So don't get disappointed, work hard and wait for your day. :-) 

Speak up your thoughts and suggestions as comments ! :-)


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