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Is it a bit difficult to find required options in  Windows 7 control panel ? I think it is. Even though the options are organised under suitable categories, it is difficult to find the required options and applets. It will be nice if we could get all the options in the control panel arranged logically in a list fashion. You can easily make this kind of a "Super control panel". I know this tip is not a new thing since windows 8 have already released and still I am talking about windows 7. Still Windows 7 has a large number of users and if you have never heard of this tip, Try this :-)
  • Create a New folder and rename it to 
Super control panel.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}

The name Super control panel in the above code can be replaced with any name you like, but keep the extension same.To avoid error it is better to copy the above code and paste it when you rename the folder.

You are done :-) Speak your stories as comments below


  1. Anonymous3 July 2013 08:26

    Or you can type in what you want in the start menu, u don't even have to go to control panel

  2. Sunil17 July 2013 03:18

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