As technology is advancing so, do the commodity and the electronic appliances as well. Mobile phones was once used as a means of communication but it had soon became the means of social communication, business purposes, file viewing and many more. The mobiles launched in the recent time are nothing but small proto type multi tasking computers. This is best in looks and easy to use as well, the mobiles phones which has the perfect craze amongst the youngsters from every corner of the world are the iPhone 5, Google Nexus 4, Blackberry Z10, HTC One, Samsung Galaxy S IV, Sony Xperia Z. These phones have the best craze due to the effcient5b looks, high megapixel camera, perfect gaming due to high initializing gravity and accelerometer sensor. To make you know more the specifications are, given below of the latest phones as well.

iPhone 5 – it is one of the well known mobile from the Apple Inc. the phone has the perfect specifications like high clarified mega pixel camera, best looking back covers with scratch less screen. The perfect sensor like gravity sensor and all together the accelerometer makes the iPhone 5 a perfect mobile. Through this phone, you can have 3g connectivity and even the perfect integrity.

Phones like the Google Nexus 4 also has the best and most connectivity like the 3G connections, which helps you to check all the mails, view videos, do, video calling as they comes with dual cameras and even it is perfect for gaming due to the perfect screen resolution. The inbuilt memory is 8 Gb and you can expand it through the Micro SD memory card as well, up to 32 Gb. Other phones like the Blackberry Z10 is also one of the best and most innovative touch screen phone, with multi touch sensors. The phone also has the best case that is the poly cover scratch less protector cover. The specifications are best as it has connection of both 3G and 4G, 8 megapixel camera primary and 3.5 megapixel camera at the front. Comes with, android 4.1 generic OS and perfect CPU and GPU sensors.

Other phones like HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S IV also have the best looks with multi touch screen resistivity and perfect OS with processor 1 mhz. The in-built memory is also perfect to supports large number of apps and games as well. The camera and the other connectivity like WIFI had also made the work more simplified. Altogether it is a perfect mobile and also the best looking scratch less cover as well. The other best thing about the phone is the best GPS and also the gravity sensors. However, phones with stylish criteria are the Sony Xperia Z,which has the best photo capturing specification as well as the best to know more now you can visit the various blogs and even the technology reviews websites were you can get the best specifications as well. These phones are in fashion these days.

Younger generation tend to spend huge amount to these latest mobile gadgets. The reason for huge craze for these mobiles is its technology and variant features. These features described above can attract not only young crowd but also mediocre people. Today, mobile phones have become the status symbol and these smart phones are good to see and nice to touch. Now, if you go to market to buy a mobile phone, you just can’t return without buying a smart mobile phone. In this competitive world, the mobile range tends to be different day by day. With its advancement of technology it comes in our hand with its high pricing. But again price varies for each mobile. So, you just need to concentrate on your pocket also.

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