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Can I update my Facebook account Security Question ? This is one of the FAQ's in Facebook help center. The answer is No.You can set up a security question for your account only once. Once set there’s no way to update it. But Nothing is impossible ;-) if you are very certain, there's is a way out ! Lets see How to update Facebook Security Question.

Update Facebook Security Question

  • Log in to your facebook Account and Goto
  • In the Secure Your Account (see screen shot shown below) menu click Continue.
  • Secure Your Account Confirmation menu will appear. Again click Continue 
  • In the Create a Unique Password menu, give a new password for your account and click Continue
  • Change your email Password menu will appear. Skip this menu since our aim is only to update the security question.Click Continue
  • In the Review Recent  Name Changes option, Select your account name from the drop down menu and click Submit
  • Now you will see an option to change your security question.Update your new security question and click Submit 

You are done :-)  This option is meant for users to regain access to hacked accounts. So avoid doing this frequently.

1 comment:

  1. Lemoursister Sharoni29 October 2013 at 09:58

    Is there a way to know the answer to the current security question?
    That is: all of my accounts (google, yahoo, and the likes) have security questions, which I can review or update at will by logging into my account. Why does FB not have this feature?
    Also, is capitalization important when giving the reply?


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