We are always anxious about the traffic sources to our websites or blogs. Traffic sources means, the website  linking to our site.We are bothered about those websites since the quality of the link has a major role in setting our blog  page rank and web status.So how to find out the sites linking to our website ? 

Blogger has inbuilt option to see the traffic sources under stats tab.There you can see the referring url's, referring sites etc.. classified on a time basis. But the information is limited. You cannot see the quality of links and often you cannot see the pages from which your site is linked.

Google Analytics

I hope by now you have an analytics account for your website. Google Analytics is good tool to monitor your web statistics. Analytics will tell your traffic sources including the locations to the depth of cities, search queries, the websites linking to your site , bounce rate , visit duration etc.. If you have not signed up for analytics yet, do it now itself .

Open Site Explorer

Open Site Explorer is another tool for monitoring the external links.In blogger, under the referring url's  i saw a site linking to my site. But i was unable to find from which page of the site that link is coming. In that case I found this tool very much useful.No signup is required for using this tool. Under the linking domains tab you can find the domains linking and the pages from which the links are coming. 

So if you want to monitor your traffic status use Google Analytics and if you are particular about external links i recommend site explorer.


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