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Last month Google has introduced EFT ( Electronic Fund Transfer ) payment option for Adsense publishers in India. Since the program is still in beta mode, there are so many confusions and queries about this. This post contains FAQ's and there answer's based on my experience with the new EFT payment system. I am not planning to include basic questions in this post. Please see Adsense official FAQ's for basic understanding on EFT payments.

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How to set up the EFT payment system ?

  • Click on the gear icon in the top right side of Adsense account home page.
  • Select Payments ->Payment settings
  • Select Add New Form of Payment and fill your bank account details

How to fill the account details ?

  • Account Holder Name : Enter your name as given in your bank passbook.
  • Bank Name : Enter the full name of the bank. For example if your bank is SBI , write it as State Bank of India.
  • IFSC Code : This is a unique code for identifying a bank - branch in India. Every branch will have their own IFSC Code. There are several website where you can find the IFSC Codes of banks. But before proceeding please verify it with your Bank officials or Banks's official website.
  • SWIFT - BIC Code : This is a code that identifies a bank-branch which is equipped to handle international payments through wire transfer. You can find the SWIFT Code in the official website of your bank. Sometimes you may not find the SWIFT-BIC Code of your branch in the bank website. In that case contact your branch for the SWIFT Code of the Central branch through which wire transfers to your branch is done.
  • Account Number : Enter your bank account number as given in your passbook. Be careful while entering this. 
  • Intermediary bank details (optional) : Contact your branch for this information. From my experience i think you don't have to enter this, at least for SBI.

How much time would it take for receiving payments via wire transfer ?

I got my payment within 2 days from the date of issue. This time period may vary for different users. Anyway it would be less than the Adsense check arrival time ;-)

How much money will be deducted as service charges ?

For SBI it was around Rs .50. This may not be same for you. It will depend on your bank and the amount.

How much is the exchange rate ?

Exchange rate may be different for different banks. It was around Rs. 61 per USD for SBI.


I am extremely satisfied with the new EFT payment system. I got my payment within 2 days from the date of issue, instead of a long 30 days in the case of standard check delivery. Thank You Google !

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Facebook sms alerts
How to receive SMS alerts when you have updates in your Facebook? This is not very difficult since Facebook has already got an option to setup SMS alerts for all your notification. But my problem was different.  I wanted to get SMS alerts only when someone post or comment in one of my Facebook groups. Or what if you want to get SMS alerts only when a particular friend post something ? I need SMS alerts only when a particular event happens. Let's see how to do this ? For this trick to work you need a Gmail account.

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Step 1

  • Login to your Gmail account where you receive Facebook notification emails.
  • Log in to Google Calendar
  • Click on the gear icon at the top right and select settings
  • Goto Mobile setup Tab
  • Now fill neccessary details such as country, mobile number etc. and click send verification code.
  • You will receive a verification code on your mobile. Type the code and click finish setup.
  • Now Goto notification tab and select sms as your default notification channel. (see screenshot)

Facebook sms alerts

Step 2

  • Login to Google Drive.
  • Click here to make copy of the spreadsheet. Click Yes, make a copy. ( This trick uses a script published on .Thanks to Mr.Shunmugha Sundaram for this beautiful script)
  • Goto Tools-> Script Editor. Then Resources-> Current script’s triggers.
  • Select click here to add one. Under events select Time-Driven then minutes timer and every minute and save it.(see screenshot)
Facebook sms alerts

  • Click Authorize and then grant access. Now click close and save the trigger again. 

Step 3

  • Goto your Gmail account 
  • Goto Gmail settings -> Labels
  • Scroll down and click Create new label.
  • Give label name as sendsms and click create.
  • Click on filter tab->Create a new filter.
  • Now fill the text field named Has the words with your Facebook Group name. If you want SMS alerts for updates from a particular friend fill this column with his name.(see screenshot)

Facebook sms alerts

  • Now click create filter with this search
  • Tick Apply the label and select sendsms from the list (see screenshot)
Facebook sms alerts
  • Click on create filter 
You are done :-) Now you will start receiving SMS alerts when your group feed updates. Any Questions ? Post Your Queries as comments below :-)

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Let's imagine i have around 1000 emails in my inbox. I have to download or just back up all the attachments from this emails at once. How to do this ? Opening every mails and downloading attachments from each mail is a tiring process. I have seen this question unanswered in several forums. I too have faced this situation once and i have found a way around. This trick will take only less than 2 minutes and it does not need any software's. Lets see how to do this.

Update : The Script has been updated recently. So there will some change in the setting up procedure. After setting up the script open the spreadsheet Copy of Send to Google Drive v4.0. Change the value of cell D4 to SendtoGoogleDrive and run the program again. Also you will find a folder named Gmail Files instead of Gmail Attachments in your Google Drive folder.

Step 1

  • Setup " Send Gmail attachments to Google drive " script in your Gmail. You can see the setup instructions here .Thanks to Amit Agarwal for this beautiful script.
  • Don't worry about your privacy as this script runs in your own Google account and no one else will have access to any of your data.

Step 2 

  • After Installing the script you will see " SendtoGoogleDrive " label in your label list (see screenshot below)

  • Now go to search bar, type has:attachment and click search. Now you will see all the emails in your inbox which has attachments.
  • Select all the emails with attachments. Click on add label button and select SendtoGoogleDrive ( see screen shot below)

  • Now the script will start sending all the attachments to your Google drive. Wait for sometime till the script finishes its job. ( Go to SendtoGoogleDrive label. if you find this folder empty, the script has finished its job. Now all the attachments has been moved to your Google drive account. )

  • Goto your Google drive account. You will find all your attachments in a folder named GmailAttachments. Now select all the files. Click on more button and select Download. (See screenshot above) Confirm the download and all your attachments will be downloaded as zip file. 
Is this tip helpful ? Speak your opinions as comments :-)
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The launch of the Samsung Ativ Tab 3 is by far the thinnest tablet across the globe that has helped Samsung gained leverage against the innumerable smart tablet PCs developed in the whole world such as the iPAD, their own Galaxy Note, Sony Xperia Tablet and others in the industry. The initiation of the Samsung Ativ Tab 3 has ushered in an era of advancement of technology in the country.

The forthcoming Samsung Ativ Tab 3 besides being a slim and trim smart phone weighs not more than 1.21 lbs and is 8.2 mm in thickness. The light weight and slim smart phone offers the user immense portability in carrying the gadget easily in the pocket or in hand. The Samsung Ativ Tab3 has earned the distinction of operating on two different platforms like the Android Jelly Bean Operating System or on the Windows 8.0 version Operating System developed by MicroSoft.

Power Packed Performance Features

The Samsung Ativ 3 Tab is powered by the powerful Intel Dual Core Atom Z2760 process that runs at a clock speed of 1.8 Giga Hertz coupled with an internal memory of 2 GB RAM. The device has sufficient memory of 64 GB for storage purposes, where the user can easily store his necessary data that can also be retrieved with ease at any point of time.

Display Features

The Samsung Ativ 3 Tab comes with a large display of 10.1 inches and a high resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. The resolution of the widescreen display enlivens the screen with clear and sharp images. This device also offers the user the pleasure of watching his choicest videos with clarity. The picture clarity of the display is further enhanced by an Intel HD Graphics 4000 accelerator that is incorporated in the device.

Operating System

The Samsung Ativ Tab 3 has a provision of running on the Windows 8 32-bit Operating System as well as the Android Jelly Bean Operating System, yet the choice of using the operating system rests with the user. Usually, the preference is for the Windows 8 Operating System. The device comes pre-loaded with the Office Home and Student that is worthwhile and is an attractive option for business entrepreneurs and the student community. 

Camera and Video Features

The Samsung Ativ Tab 3 is equipped with a 720 pixels HD front facing camera and a rear camera that allows the user to click lovely pictures and photographs that can be stored in the device and can be viewed at the discretion of the user on its widescreen. The front facing camera is used for video chatting. The user also has the advantage of shooting videos with a lucidity that is reflected on the screen and these videos can be played back. The music player in the device also comes with audio speakers, a microphone and a headphone jack. The quality of the sound is improved through these speakers.

Ports and Connectivity

The Samsung Ativ Tab 3 comes with a horde of connectivity features such as Wi-Fi connectivity, Blue Tooth v4.0, a Micro HDMI port, a Micro USB and a Micro SD port. The Wi-Fi connectivity enables the user to access the internet allowing him to browse the net while the blue tooth lets him share important data and files with users on various other networks. The HDMI port allows the user to connect the device to the television set for better viewing as compared to the widescreen display on the gadget. 

The Samsung Ativ Tab 3 derives its power from its battery that provides the user with 10 hours of battery life to allow him to work consistently during the working hours during the day. 

Innovative Features

The Samsung Ativ Tab 3 has some of the most intelligent features incorporated in the device, such as the S pen technology which includes a digitizer pen and an optional keyboard case in case the customer desires to purchase the same. 

The Pricing Factor

The Samsung Ativ Tab 3 is available in the Indian market at a price of Rs. 41000 which is an affordable price as compared to contemporary models of tablets available in the domestic market.

About the Author : Raadha Sharma is a well known writer having good experience on online shopping in india . She also provides information on latest gadgets and upcoming products in india. You can also discuss with her topics related to latest and upcoming gadgets in Indian market, mobile phones prices, high tech laptops and tablets and many more.

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Google Adsense is one of the best ways to make money online. All you need is to build a blog and monetize it. This was my thoughts when I started blogging. Definitely Google Adsense is one of the best ways to make money online, But it is not easy for a newbie blogger to earn a fair amount via Adsense. I was using Adsense for the past one year and only recently I got my first check. I have committed so many mistakes which resulted in lesser earnings. Today I am going to share my experience with Adsense for the past one year and some tips that improved my earnings.

Tips to improve Adsense earnings

I have read so many articles about improving Adsense earning. But the biggest mistake i did was ignoring some simple tips that i found in many articles. So please follow these tips even if you find some of them unimportant. These simple tips can really make a huge difference in your earnings.

Content is the King

Unique and high quality content will definitely improve the blog traffic and hence your earnings. You can't earn a fair amount by writing something and putting ads around it. Blog traffic matters a lot.

Ad Placement Guidelines

Positioning of ads is another important matter. Avoid putting all the ad units in side bars or headers. Put main ads inside your blog post and remaining in the sidebars. Go through the Ad Position Heat Maps published by Google to get good results. Ads placed above the fold will earn better. Try this Above the Fold App from Google to make sure that your main ad units are appearing above the fold.

Blending Ads with your Template

Blending ad units with your template will improve your earnings. This does not mean formatting ads to mimic ads or misleading the users to click on ads. These are against Adsense program policies and your account may get banned. So please go through Ad Placement Policies before implementing these tips.
  • Avoid borders on ads
  • Avoid putting ads under widget titles like " Sponsored Ads "
  • Use font size and colors effectively to style the ad units.

Use Link units Effectively

Three link units per page can be placed in addition to the existing three standard AdSense ad units on a page. When users click on one of these links, they're brought to a page of Google ads related to that topic. Though you won't receive earnings for clicks on these links, you'll be paid for user clicks on any of the ads on the resulting page.

Ad Size Matters

Use recommended ad sizes. This is really important. I would prefer 336 x 280 Large Rectangle than other sizes.

Do Keyword Research

Do a good keyword research before deciding your post title. Even the word order is important in Google search. [ See Related Post How to Search Faster in Google ]. Use Google AdWords keyword Tool to find high paying keywords. You can also see the previous search trends for a particular keyword using this tool. This will help you to improve your blog traffic. 

Occasional research

Do research with different Ad units and Ad styling. Try different ad positions and analyse the earnings occasionally. 

All you need is Hard work and a Little Patience !

You might have heard of big bloggers who are making huge amount of money every month. Inspiration from their stories is good :-) But please understand that they didn't start earning this amount right from the next day they monetized their blogs. They might have taken years to prove their blog's reputation and hence their huge earnings. So don't get disappointed, work hard and wait for your day. :-) 

Speak up your thoughts and suggestions as comments ! :-)

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